NRS 427V Week 1 Discussion Question 1

NRS 427V Week 1 Discussion Question 1

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NRS 427V Week 1 Discussion Question 1 NRS 427V Concepts in Community and Public Health - Grand Canyon

Max Points: 10.0 What is your idea of a healthy community? Provide specific examples. What do healthy communities have in common? How would you provide care for a community if your idea of a healthy community does not match your community's definition of a healthy community?

A healthy community in my eyes is one where people have good physical and emotional health. This involves having access to healthcare and being able to see your healthcare provide as often as needed. A healthy community is not one that is completely absence of illness but promotes well-being and a high quality of life. In order for this happen you must be able to provide exceptional care so...

NRS 427V

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NRS 427V Week 1 Discussion Question 1

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Excerpt from file: NRS427VWeek1DiscussionQuestion1 NRS427VConceptsinCommunityandPublicHealthGrandCanyon MaxPoints:10.0 Whatisyourideaofahealthycommunity?Providespecificexamples.Whatdohealthy communitieshaveincommon?Howwouldyouprovidecareforacommunityifyouridea

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