SCIN 136 Assignment 6 Oil Spills, Plankton, & Coastal Development

SCIN 136 Assignment 6 Oil Spills, Plankton, & Coastal Development

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Define and describe the differences between the Holoplankton and the Meroplankton portions of the zooplankton. Be sure to discuss differences in size, life cycle and cite at least two biological species from each group. You may wish to read the article underneath for additional background. NOTE: This one gets a bit confusing so here's some help: Plankton are classified in 2 ways, by physical size(pico, micro, mero) and by biological group. So answer this by citing the biological groups with biological group. A hint chordate means spinal cord (thus vertebrate) fish larva mostly. Check out Chap 42 pgs 146-147 in the Lab Manual and pgs 315-322 in the textbook. Also use the Biological Organization document in the Resources Section.

SCIN 136

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SCIN 136 Assignment 6 Oil Spills, Plankton, & Coastal Development

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:HOLOPLANKTONANDMEROPLANKTON1 ThedifferencebetweenHoloplanktonandMeroplankton AmericanMilitaryUniversity SCIN136 August12,2016 ThedifferencebetweenHoloplanktonandMeroplankton AccordingtoPortTownsendMarineScienceCenterplanktonscomesindifferentsizes...

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