Week 6 Essays 2016 2017

Week 6 Essays 2016 2017

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Assignment 6.1 Essays

Respond to any two (2) of the following essay questions. Each response must be 300-500 words in length. Use appropriate citations when necessary.

  1. Mandy once got sick eating Chinese food (because she was allergic to the MSG in it). Now, even the smell of Chinese food makes her sick. This is an example of classical conditioning. Identify each of the following components of classical conditioning for this example. Is it possible that Mandy could be cured of this? How might you do help her using principles of learning?

    a. Unconditioned stimulus b. Unconditioned response c. Conditioned stimulus d. Conditioned response

  2. Most pets become classically conditioned to a variety of stimuli associated with their feeding. If you have a pet now, see...

Week 6

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Week 6 Essays 2016 2017

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Excerpt from file: Assignment6.1 Essays Respondtoanytwo(2)ofthefollowingessayquestions.Eachresponsemustbe 300500wordsinlength.Useappropriatecitationswhennecessary. 1. MandyoncegotsickeatingChinesefood(becauseshewasallergictotheMSGinit). Now,eventhesmellofChinesefoodmakeshersick.Thisisanexampleofclassical...

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