IOM Nursing Reflection Paper 440V

IOM Nursing Reflection Paper 440V

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Reflection Paper Alisa Zeringue Grand Canyon University: 440V November 27, 2016

Reflection Paper In 2010, the IOM has produced a report for recommendations for a blueprint for the future of nursing. In this report, we will discuss how three of the recommendations affect me professionally and what impact they have on me. The recommendations are increasing baccalaureate nurses to 80% by 2010, doubling the number of doctorate nurses by 2020, and ensure that nurses participate in lifelong learning.
I was not aware of any of these recommendations until I started the BSN program. I was happy just being an ADN nurses and going to work every day. I decided to go back to school because of a divorce and my youngest going off to college. I returned to an old job that was now a...

IOM Nursing

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IOM Nursing Reflection Paper 440V

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:REFLECTIONPAPER ReflectionPaper AlisaZeringue GrandCanyonUniversity:440V November27,2016 1 REFLECTIONPAPER 2 ReflectionPaper In2010,theIOMhasproducedareportforrecommendationsforablueprintforthe futureofnursing.Inthisreport,wewilldiscusshowthreeoftherecommendationsaffectme...

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