EffectiveApproachesinLeadershipandManagement (4)

EffectiveApproachesinLeadershipandManagement (4)

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Name Grand Canyon University Nursing Leadership and Management NRS-451V October 12, 2016 Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management For many decades the problem of nurse-to-patient-ratio in healthcare facilities has been a sore spot. Different members of the healthcare sector are tasked with staffing the facility. There is the centralized staffing and the decentralized staffing. In order for a facility to have good satisfaction review, the nursing ratio problem has to be addressed. The focus of this paper is to address decentralizing, the process through which the nurse-to-patient-ratio in facilities is managed by the leader or manager; using varying skills and approaches. An article from the American Nurses Association...

EffectiveApproachesinLeadershipandManagement (4

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EffectiveApproachesinLeadershipandManagement (4)

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:EFFECTIVEAPPROACHESINLEADERSHIPANDMANAGEMENT EffectiveApproachesinLeadershipandManagement Name GrandCanyonUniversity NursingLeadershipandManagement NRS451V October12,2016 1 EFFECTIVEAPPROACHESINLEADERSHIPANDMANAGEMENT 2 EffectiveApproachesinLeadershipandManagement

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