Pcn 525

Pcn 525

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First I like to state my chart has been copied from the National Career Development Association. (2009). I couldnt find any parcifict information pertaining to a code a career counselor must follow only this chart which to me can be concerning about ethics but in personal opinion I would think that they should be guided under the ACA code of ethics. Career Providers - Comparison Chart Qualifications: Professional Counselor/ Career Counselor Career Paraprofessional Career Consultants Career Coach Education Master's Degree in Counseling or closely related area Varies with amount of experience, from H.S. to AA to Master's in related areas Varies; no standard state or national requirements Varies; no standard state or national requirements Exam National Board for Certified Counselors Exam...

Pcn 525

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Pcn 525

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Excerpt from file: FirstIliketostatemycharthasbeencopiedfromtheNationalCareerDevelopmentAssociation. (2009).Icouldntfindanyparcifictinformationpertainingtoacodeacareercounselormust followonlythischartwhichtomecanbeconcerningaboutethicsbutinpersonalopinionI wouldthinkthattheyshouldbeguidedundertheACAcodeofethics.

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