HSM 315 Week 5 Discussion 1 and 2

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HSM 315 Emergency Planning

Ashford University - July 2016

HSM 315 WEEK 5 Chapter 10,11 DISCUSSION 1 Explain what risk communication is and how it is used to promote hazard adjustment. Lastly, discuss the importance of timing with regard to risk communication. Is it better to alert the public in advance of all risks or wait until events happen and then react to the event with more specific risk communications? Risk Communication Risk communication reduces the need for emotions and arousal by implementing a series of training exercises that reduces the stress of individuals from going into a sense of panic and fear by gaining control of the situation (Johal, 2012). This method is used to promote hazard adjustment by reinforcing cognitive evaluation when approaching the public in a crisis situation whether it be technical,...

HSM 315

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HSM 315 Week 5 Discussion 1 and 2

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Excerpt from file: HSM315WEEK5 Chapter10,11 DISCUSSION1 Explainwhatriskcommunicationisandhowitisusedtopromotehazardadjustment. Lastly,discusstheimportanceoftimingwithregardtoriskcommunication. Isitbettertoalertthepublicinadvanceofallrisksorwaituntileventshappenandthenreacttotheevent

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