HSM 311 Week 5 Discussion 1 and 2

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HSM 311 - Ethics & Homeland Security

Ashford - January 2016

HSM 305 Week 5 Discussion Questions HSM 311- Ethics & Homeland Security Ashford - January 2016

Week 5 Discussion 1 - The USA Patriot Act
Do you believe that the costs to our liberties are worth the security measures that the Act provides?
Week 5 Discussion 2 - The FOURTH AMENDMENT in the 21st century. Understanding the powers given to the federal government to search, seize, and survey under the USA PATRIOT Act, do you feel that the 4th Amendment is being violated?
Make a coherent argument for or against the USA PATRIOT Act vis--vis the...

HSM 311

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HSM 311 Week 5 Discussion 1 and 2

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