NRS 429V Vark Learning Styles A Comparison

NRS 429V Vark Learning Styles A Comparison

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Vark Learning Styles: A Comparison Your Name. Grand Canyon University: NRS 429V February 20, 2016

This paper will discuss the different type of learning styles based on the model VARK. This paper will compare and contrast the writers learning style to the VARK questionnaire. The purpose of this paper is to educate the writer and others on the different types of learning styles. Educators who are aware and utilize the VARK learning styles will be able to provide a more varied type of material and education that will reach all types of learning styles. This knowledge and change should allow the educator to ensure success when educating others. . The strength of VARK is that its questions and options are drawn from real life learning situations and that people...
NRS 429V

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NRS 429V Vark Learning Styles A Comparison

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Excerpt from file: VARKLEARNINGSTYLES VarkLearningStyles:AComparison YourName. GrandCanyonUniversity:NRS429V February20,2016 VARKLEARNINGSTYLES 2 Thispaperwilldiscussthedifferenttypeoflearningstylesbasedonthemodel VARK.ThispaperwillcompareandcontrastthewriterslearningstyletotheVARK

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