NR 500 Week 1 Assignment; Course Information Worksheet

NR 500 Week 1 Assignment; Course Information Worksheet

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NR 500 Foundational Concepts and Applications

(Chamberlain College – (Fall 2016)

Course Information Worksheet

Student Name: __ ___

Prior to completing this worksheet, review the Week 1 Assignments (YOLC, Course Tour, Smarthinking Tour) and the course syllabus. Provide a complete answer to each question. Each question is worth 5 points. Submit the Course Information Worksheet to the DropBox by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MT of Week 1.

  1. The course outcomes are based upon The learning Objectives that the student will be required to comprehend and demonstrate by course completion.

  2. The threaded discussion posting criteria can be found in The syllabus and under the Doc Sharing Tab.

  3. The assignments and readings for the week can be found under your weekly course assignments tab and also in the course syllabus.

  4. The student must provide a substantive answer to...

NR 500

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NR 500 Week 1 Assignment; Course Information Worksheet

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Excerpt from file: Chamberlain College of Nursing NR500 Foundational Concepts and Applications CourseInformationWorksheet StudentName:_____ Priortocompletingthisworksheet,reviewtheWeek1Assignments(YOLC,CourseTour, SmarthinkingTour)andthecoursesyllabus.Provideacompleteanswertoeachquestion.

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