HIST 410N - Week 7 Discussion Board # 1 Cold War Nostalgia

HIST 410N - Week 7 Discussion Board # 1 Cold War Nostalgia

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HIST 410N Contemporary History (Chamberlain - May 2016)

Cold War Nostalgia (graded) In the years after the Cold War and the collapse of the bipolar order, the world has undergone significant changes. Chief among those changes has been a perceived deterioration of world stability, not only in terms of economics but also in terms of security. What indicators could lead one to conclude that in the years following the collapse of the Communist world, things have gotten more dangerous? The collapse of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the disintegration of the USSR is undoubtedly the most significant development in world politics since the Second World War. In immediate terms, it has provoked widespread ideological confusion and demoralization within the international workers' movement, and on the other side, gloating by the capitalist...


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HIST 410N - Week 7 Discussion Board # 1 Cold War Nostalgia

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Excerpt from file: ColdWarNostalgia(graded) IntheyearsaftertheColdWarandthecollapseofthebipolarorder,theworldhas undergonesignificantchanges.Chiefamongthosechangeshasbeenaperceived deteriorationofworldstability,notonlyintermsofeconomicsbutalsointermsofsecurity.

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