HIST 410N - Week 6 Discussion Board # 2 The not so Cold War

HIST 410N - Week 6 Discussion Board # 2 The not so Cold War

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HIST 410N Contemporary History (Chamberlain - May 2016)

  1. The not so Cold War (graded) It would be easy to dismiss the Cold War simply as proof that Capitalism was a better theory than Communism. Easy, but not the whole story. In order for Communism to be dismiss to the dustbin of history, it first had to be proven that its struggle against Capitalism unnecessary and thus irrelevant. How do the US and the USSR close the gap in the last quarter of the 20th Century to allow Communism to go out with a whimper and not a bang?

In the book, "The real force that endedthe Soviet Union itself and most especially in the expectations and plans of the new reform leadership that came to power in 1985." This is when Mikhail Gorbachev was elected and he tried to make new policies. This did not work the wayhe wanted. President than tried to...


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HIST 410N - Week 6 Discussion Board # 2   The not so Cold War

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Excerpt from file: 1. ThenotsoColdWar(graded) ItwouldbeeasytodismisstheColdWarsimplyasproofthatCapitalismwasabettertheory thanCommunism.Easy,butnotthewholestory.InorderforCommunismtobedismisstothe dustbinofhistory,itfirsthadtobeproventhatitsstruggleagainstCapitalismunnecessaryand

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