HIST 410N - Week 1 Case Study # 1 Jules Ferry

HIST 410N - Week 1 Case Study # 1 Jules Ferry

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HIST 410N Contemporary History (Chamberlain - May 2016)

Jules Ferry: A Defense of French Imperialism Your Name Chamberlain College of Nursing HIST 410 Contemporary History

Jules Ferry: A Defense of French Imperialism Jules Ferry in the debate of the French parliament, gave a speech regarding the importance of France expanding its colonies. He raised many eyebrows in his unconditional ways but having given strong arguments to support his reasons, caused a lot of change to happen afterwards. In this speech he shared in a very clever way how to expand and how imperialism was meant to be properly executed to prosper and grow as one of the strongest countries of the time. According to Ferry, what recent developments in world trade have made it urgent for France to have colonies? Countries such as Germany and the United States started...


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HIST 410N - Week 1 Case Study # 1 Jules Ferry

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Excerpt from file: CASESTUDY1:JULESFERRY 1 JulesFerry:ADefenseofFrenchImperialism YourName ChamberlainCollegeofNursing HIST410ContemporaryHistory CASESTUDY1:JULESFERRY 2 JulesFerry:ADefenseofFrenchImperialism JulesFerryinthedebateoftheFrenchparliament,gaveaspeechregardingthe

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