FIN 564 Week 8 Final Exam (Keller Graduate)

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FIN 564 Management of Financial Institutions (Keller - Fall 2016)

Answer 14 of the 15 questions in the space provided. Mark the one that you want to omit by putting an X through the question.

  1. Should countries forgo using their own currency and adopt as legal tender a stable foreign currency? Address the following in your answer: a. Give two advantages and two disadvantages of dollarization.
    Advantages: Lower cost of foreign credit; enhance credibility of government policy; stability; international trade. Disadvantages: lose seignorage; lose lender of last resort; lose control of monetary policy.

b. Does a country need permission to dollarize? No

c. Would dollarization be reversible? Yes but difficult.

  1. What are the differences in the structures of the New York and Nasdaq exchanges? How are stocks traded on each? What role...
FIN 564

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FIN 564 Week 8 Final Exam (Keller Graduate)

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Excerpt from file: Answer14ofthe15questionsinthespaceprovided.Marktheonethatyouwanttoomit byputtinganXthroughthequestion. 1. Shouldcountriesforgousingtheirowncurrencyandadoptaslegaltenderastableforeign currency?Addressthefollowinginyouranswer: a. Givetwoadvantagesandtwodisadvantagesofdollarization....

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