CLC Agreement Student Health Assessment

CLC Agreement Student Health Assessment

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CLC Group Projects Agreement

CLC Course Information Course Name/Section Number: Health Assessment NRS-434VN-0502 Instructors Name: Amanda Scarcella Start Date of the Course: 08/22/16

CLC Member Contact Information (Who is in our group?)

CLC Member Name Primary Email Address Secondary Email Address Other Contact Information Leslie Hagenson [email protected] [email protected] Ph: 715-271-0967

CLC Group Values (What do we need to do to ensure our teams success?)

What each team member agrees to do Why this is important to the team Check into the CLC regularly to review progress on the assignment Regularly checking in with the group will ensure the groups identification of issues/obstacles and allows for quick resolution. Contribute ideas and feedback to...

CLC Agreement

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CLC Agreement Student Health Assessment

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Excerpt from file: CLCGroupProjectsAgreement CLCCourseInformation CourseName/SectionNumber: HealthAssessmentNRS434VN0502 InstructorsName: AmandaScarcella StartDateoftheCourse: 08/22/16 CLCMemberContactInformation (Whoisinourgroup?) CLCMember Name LeslieHagenson PrimaryEmailAddress [email protected] m SecondaryEmail

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