ACCT 601 Week 3 You Decide Assignment Paper; Ethical Issue

ACCT 601 Week 3 You Decide Assignment Paper; Ethical Issue

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Your Name.. ACCT601 Accounting Capstone Week 3 You Decide Paper Professor Richard Adamich March 13th, 2016

Do you feel that there might be an ethical issue present? For the moment, assume that no laws have been broken and just focus on any possible ethical issues. There are definitely ethical issues presented in this scenario. The issues at hand are that the employee has not been notified of the situation. The employee also hasnt been part of the process which included drafting and analyzing the financial situation at hand while not being aware of the accounting norms used. This employee, not knowing what is going on and what has been worked on, will not be able to help in this situation and most likely will not have a say in this matter (Trevino, 1986). By not...

ACCT 601

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ACCT 601 Week 3 You Decide Assignment Paper; Ethical Issue

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Excerpt from file: Page 1 YourName.. ACCT601AccountingCapstone Week3YouDecidePaper ProfessorRichardAdamich March13th,2016 Page 2 Doyoufeelthattheremightbeanethicalissuepresent?Forthemoment,assumethat nolawshavebeenbrokenandjustfocusonanypossibleethicalissues.

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