ACCT 562 Week 3 Course Project Planning Phase Draft

ACCT 562 Week 3 Course Project Planning Phase Draft

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Group D (Your Name/Names.)


Planning phase Operational Review Starbucks

Based on our three areas of investigation, we have decided that we will use the following items to gain more information about Starbucks and obtain an understanding of the clients business.

Materials about Starbucks launching single-serve packets: Starbucks Articles, September 7, 2011 Wednesday

Materials about Starbucks developing attention: Starbucks 2010 Annual Report Company Information Starbucks Outlines Blueprint for Multi-Channel Growth Starbucks Enters Five New Cities Across Mainland China...

ACCT 562

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ACCT 562 Week 3 Course Project Planning Phase Draft

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Excerpt from file: GroupD (YourName/Names.) ACCT562 Planningphase OperationalReviewStarbucks Basedonourthreeareasofinvestigation,wehavedecidedthatwewillusethefollowing itemstogainmoreinformationaboutStarbucksandobtainanunderstandingofthe clientsbusiness. MaterialsaboutStarbuckslaunchingsingleservepackets:

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