ACCT 530 Week 2 Assignment; Case Study 3 2 - Amgen Whistleblowing

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Case Study 3-2; Amgen Whistleblowing CW ACCT 530 Accounting Ethics & Related Regulatory Issues Week 2 May 15, 2016

Executive Summary In this case, Amgen Inc., a California-based pharmaceutical company, faced multiple lawsuits for accusations of perpetrating Medicare and Medicaid kickback schemes and two whistleblowing lawsuits. According to Staton, Amgen was eager to promote the sale of its new drug Aranesp, which it allegedly pushed for off-label marketing to cancer patients. The lawsuits alleged Amgen enticed long-term pharmacy providers to switch its Medicare and Medicaid patient prescriptions to Aranesp in exchange for kickbacks in the form of rebates and luxury vacations. The whistleblower suits, on the other hand, accused Amgen of wrongful termination because...

ACCT 530

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ACCT 530 Week 2 Assignment; Case Study 3 2 - Amgen Whistleblowing

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Excerpt from file: CaseStudy32;AmgenWhistleblowing CW ACCT530 AccountingEthics&RelatedRegulatoryIssues Week2 May15,2016 ExecutiveSummary YourName..,Case32:AmgenWhistleblowing Inthiscase,AmgenInc.,aCaliforniabasedpharmaceuticalcompany, facedmultiplelawsuitsforaccusationsofperpetratingMedicareandMedicaid

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