ACCT 530 Week 1 Assignment; Case Study 1 8 - A Faulty Budget

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Case Study 1-8; A Faulty Budget CW ACCT 530 Accounting Ethics & Related Regulatory Issues Week 1 May 8, 2016

Executive Summary In this case, Jackson Daniels, an accountant for a manufacturing company, faces an ethical dilemma that is all too common in the accounting profession: overstating budget forecasts. Daniels realized he made an unintentional mistake with forecasting the sales budget for 2011 and the effects of his mistake may cost him his job because his boss wants to hire additional staff based on the incorrect budget figures. Daniels faces the decision to do the right thing by alerting his boss or follow the advice of his friend to remain silent until the error becomes an issue in the end. 1. Describe the legal and ethical issues surrounding the case. Based on...

ACCT 530

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ACCT 530 Week 1 Assignment; Case Study 1 8 - A Faulty Budget

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Excerpt from file: CaseStudy18;AFaultyBudget CW ACCT530 AccountingEthics&RelatedRegulatoryIssues Week1 May8,2016 1 YourName..,Case18:AFaultyBudget ExecutiveSummary Inthiscase,JacksonDaniels,anaccountantforamanufacturingcompany, facesanethicaldilemmathatisalltoocommonintheaccountingprofession:

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