CWV 301 RS T6TruthAndMoralityWorksheet (1)

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Guided Analysis: Truth and Morality Worksheet Name: Imani Fortune Course: CWV 301 Date: 7/17/2016 Instructor: David Farbishel In this guided analysis, you will interact with issues concerning truth and morality. Address the following questions, responding directly below each question with the appropriate specified number of words. Part I - Truth Psalm 19:1-2 states, The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech and night to night reveals knowledge (ESV). As one may learn something about Vincent van Gogh by looking at his Starry Night painting, is it possible to look at the beauty of our natural world and learn something about God (commonly called general revelation)? Is this sufficient knowledge about God? Explain why...

CWV 301

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CWV 301 RS T6TruthAndMoralityWorksheet (1)

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Excerpt from file: GuidedAnalysis:TruthandMoralityWorksheet Name:ImaniFortune Course:CWV301 Date:7/17/2016 Instructor:DavidFarbishel Inthisguidedanalysis,youwillinteractwithissuesconcerningtruthandmorality.Addressthe followingquestions,respondingdirectlybeloweachquestionwiththeappropriatespecified numberofwords.

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