.Cornell notes on Martin Luther Kings " I Have A Dream Speech"

.Cornell notes on Martin Luther Kings " I Have A Dream Speech"

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Cornell Notes Name_Courtney Moore____________________ Topic: I have a Dream Speech Points to Remember ** Notes **

Dr. King emphasis the unity of blacks and whites He states that is America is to be a great country, this has to happen.

He states that even in the past when there was slavery. Some Slaves and slave masters could even get along.

He states that he has faith, that one day we will all be able to work together, pray together and struggle together.

He worries about the future for his 4 children, He hopes that one day his children can stand hand and hand with white boys and girls as sisters and brothers.

He states that one day he hopes that his children are judged by the content of their character, no the color of their skin.


.Cornell notes

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.Cornell notes on Martin Luther Kings

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Excerpt from file: CornellNotes Name_CourtneyMoore____________________Topic:IhaveaDreamSpeech PointstoRemember Dr.Kingemphasistheunity ofblacksandwhites ** Notes** HestatesthatisAmericaistobeagreatcountry,thishastohappen. Hestatesthateveninthepastwhentherewasslavery.SomeSlavesand slavemasterscouldevengetalong....

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