cja 315 week 1

cja 315 week 1

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Criminal Procedure Policy Paper Peggy Matthews CJA 315 July 18th 2016 Professor Gary Moore

Criminal Procedure Policy Paper Our primary objective for the Criminal Justice in the United States is to maintain order, protect all citizens, enforce laws, and lastly punish all that do not abide by the laws that have been put in place to be followed. The United States has laws and rights that are were made to protect the citizens. The rights came about through the bill of rights which was established in December of 1791. With the bill of rights it protects citizens, by protecting them from strong government power and granting them individual rights. There are a few rights that the citizens dont realize the courts and police take advantage of. The 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments are...

cja 315

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cja 315 week 1

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:CRIMINALPROCEDUREPOLICYPAPER CriminalProcedurePolicyPaper PeggyMatthews CJA315 July18th2016 ProfessorGaryMoore 1 CRIMINALPROCEDUREPOLICYPAPER 2 CriminalProcedurePolicyPaper OurprimaryobjectivefortheCriminalJusticeintheUnitedStatesistomaintainorder,

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