PCN-501 Relapse prevention plan

PCN-501 Relapse prevention plan

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Relapse prevention plan Jennifer Coetzee PCN-501 October 5, 2016

Relapse prevention plan for Jed Assessment Case Study. Clients name; Jed Wagner Burrow Clients Age; 38 years old Jed has an addiction to alcohol which he finds it had to stop and due to this he was arrested for drinking and driving. It was after then he decides to at least visit and enter a treatment center after following the advice of his attorney in charge of his trial that was to be two months after. At least this show of having created an effort to stop drinking would reduce the penalty that the court would have on him. Moreover, aside from just visiting the clinic for advice on how to remain sober by Jeds alcohol addiction counselor on how to stop...


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PCN-501 Relapse prevention plan

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Excerpt from file: Jed Assessment Case Study 1 Relapsepreventionplan JenniferCoetzee PCN501 October5,2016 Jed Assessment Case Study 2 RelapsepreventionplanforJedAssessmentCaseStudy. Clientsname;JedWagnerBurrow ClientsAge;38yearsold Jedhasanaddictiontoalcoholwhichhefindsithadtostopandduetothishewas...

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