The Languages of

The Languages of

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                The Languages of (Vulgar) Love
                        Amber Aponte
                  Colorado Technical University

    Romance! It involves dating, or courting as it used to be called, and flowers, chocolates, sunsets, sunrise, vampires (if youre reading a book). Its truly wondrous. Romance is associated with so many different things: marriage, literature, high school, summer, etc. The most interesting subject that romance is connected to is languages.   

Despite Romance languages being connected to romance, they have nothing to do with romance. They have more to do with Roman gladiators than they do with taking long walks on a beach. The entire Roman Empire spoke Latin. They didnt speak the classical Latin, which was written by the literati like Cicero, which they...

The Languages

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The Languages of

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Excerpt from file: OfLove TheLanguagesof(Vulgar)Love AmberAponte ColoradoTechnicalUniversity OfLove Romance!Itinvolvesdating,orcourtingasitusedtobecalled,andflowers, chocolates,sunsets,sunrise,vampires(ifyourereadingabook).Itstrulywondrous.Romance

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