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                       Amber Aponte
                   Colorado Technical University

    Would you ever believe there was a time, people, like newspapers, said Apple was just a fade? It would die out, and be replaced by the latest hottest technology company. This was back in 2008 when people said they will be counting down the days till apple closes its doors. Now 2015, seven years later, not only is Apple the hottest and most desired iPods out there, every product it makes is a success. Their biggest success is the Apple IPhone. Everyone wants an IPhone. In the United States, every store that sell high market technology are selling iPhones. Right now the iPhone 6 is Apples biggest hit all around the world. (Apple)
When Apple first started going...

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Excerpt from file: 1 Denationalization Denationalization AmberAponte ColoradoTechnicalUniversity 2 Denationalization Wouldyoueverbelievetherewasatime,people,likenewspapers,saidApple wasjustafade?Itwoulddieout,andbereplacedbythelatesthottesttechnologycompany.This

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