Chpater 7 HW

Chpater 7 HW

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Self-Check Questions Erin Section 7.1 * Define cyber-warfare. Conflict between nation-states using cyber-based weapons. * Which of the following is not one of our nations critical infrastructures vulnerable to a cyber-attack? (a) Water supply systems (b) Information and communication systems (c) Public health services (d) National park services T/F One of the areas of greatest concern with regard to cyber-threats and critical infrastructure is the software and hardware interface referred to as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. True The functions of the CIAO, after the Y2K scare, were initially transferred to the NIPC, which was run by the Department of Defense alone. False

Section 7.2 T/F The two variables used to assess threats to our nation include capability and...

Chpater 7

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Chpater 7 HW

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Excerpt from file: SelfCheckQuestionsErin Section7.1 * Definecyberwarfare.Conflictbetweennationstatesusingcyberbasedweapons. * Whichofthefollowingisnotoneofournationscriticalinfrastructuresvulnerabletoa cyberattack? (a) Watersupplysystems (b) Informationandcommunicationsystems (c) Publichealthservices (d)

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