Reflective Paper

Reflective Paper

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Understanding the Primary Sources of Law Hollie Cole, Dawnie Crockett, Levita Houston, Syed Huq, Terry Koch, and Michael Naujelis LAW/421 December 9, 2013 Jacques Ward

Understanding the Primary Sources of Law Many laws implemented to help protect and regulate businesses and their employees. Business managers and owners are on the frontline when it comes to running their business. It is important to have a basic understand of the legal framework that will be governing that business. Whether it is criminal, civil, or administrative law, every business leader should know their rights and their obligations. Having a basic understanding of the different type of law is a start. Substantive Law A substantive law provides individuals with rights and creates certain duties (Melvin,...

Reflective Paper

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Reflective Paper

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:UNDERSTANDINGTHEPRIMARYSOURCESOFLAW UnderstandingthePrimarySourcesofLaw HollieCole,DawnieCrockett,LevitaHouston, SyedHuq,TerryKoch,andMichaelNaujelis LAW/421 December9,2013 JacquesWard 1 UNDERSTANDINGTHEPRIMARYSOURCESOFLAW 2 Understanding the Primary Sources of Law

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