XBIS 219 Week 5 Checkpoint: Problems at JetBlue

XBIS 219 Week 5 Checkpoint: Problems at JetBlue

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CheckPoint: Problems at JetBlue

Resource Introduction to Information Systems: Supporting and Transforming Business

Read the Closing Case section of Ch. 8, Meltdown at JetBlue, in the text.

Two debate threads are created: Management Issues Team and Technological Issues Team. You will be assigned to one of these two debate teams. The Management Issues Team will argue that JetBlues problems were caused by management issues. The Technological Issues Team will argue that the technological issues were the cause.

Check your assigned team and post your 200-word original position statement. Start the debate with the team members. This is a teamwork, so compile a summary of what the team has discussed and find a volunteer to post it in the team's summary thread.

Check the other team's summary thread to read the argument. In your team's thread, discuss the other team's summary and formulate a 200-word rebuttal. Get a volunteer to post the team's rebuttal in the other team's summary thread.

Write a 200-word paragraph summarizing your thoughts on the issues that contributed to the service shutdown based on the discussion in your team. What would you have done differently?

Format your paragraph according to APA guidelines. Save it in a Microsoft Word document and attach it to the Assignments page to earn points.

XBIS 219

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 XBIS 219 Week 5 Checkpoint: Problems at JetBlue

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Excerpt from file: Business Tutorial XBIS 219 Checkpoint: Problems at JetBlue The Valentine's Day storm of 2007 caused JetBlue Airways and many other airline companies experience a large volume in cancelled flights. This cause JetBlue to face a large company meltdown and at least 30 million dollars was lost as a

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