PHI-413V Topic 2 DQ 2

PHI-413V Topic 2 DQ 2

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PHI-413V Topic 2 DQ 2

As you reflect on Meilaender’s readings, what is his distinction between procreation and reproduction, as well as that of being begotten versus being made? Do you agree with his description? Why or why not?


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PHI-413V Topic 2 DQ 2

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Excerpt from file: Topic2DQ2 AsyoureflectonMeilaendersreadings,whatishisdistinctionbetweenprocreationand reproduction,aswellasthatofbeingbegottenversusbeingmade?Doyouagreewithhis description?Whyorwhynot? Meilaenderdefinesprocreationandreproductionashavingtwoveryseparatemeanings.

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