Telling the Story

Telling the Story

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Telling the Story

Grand Canyon University: PCN 515

This paper will be on Hector a 35 year old Hispanic male who was seriously injured in an auto accident. It will speak of some of the primary issues that Hector is addressing. Hectors feelings, behaviors and how they are impacting his adjustment. How Hectors cultural heritage impacts his adjustment to his injury. Some of the beliefs that may be impacting Hectors adjustment. How Hectors family background is impacting his adjustment. This paper will also discuss the issues that will need to be addressed in counseling. This is the first session with Hector who is angry and depressed due to an automobile accident that left Hector with permeant injuries. The primary issue Hector is...

Telling the

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Telling the Story

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Excerpt from file: TellingtheStory 1 TellingtheStory JulieHetrick GrandCanyonUniversity:PCN515 October21,2015 TellingtheStory 2 ThispaperwillbeonHectora35yearoldHispanicmalewhowasseriouslyinjuredinan autoaccident.ItwillspeakofsomeoftheprimaryissuesthatHectorisaddressing.Hectors

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