Week 2 Summary

Week 2 Summary

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In this weeks reading I have learned there is much more to the use of EHR than I originally thought. Most of the discussions this week were around patient access and the risks of them adding to their own medical records. I can see both benefits and risks in allowing this to happen. Many times patients are afraid to discuss or forget details when at their physicians office. This practice would allow items forgotten or those they are afraid to share could be added later. It does pose risk if not accurate and used in the patient treatment. I would support allowing for it but all patient added data would need to be verified by the provider with the patient. I was also surprised to find there are different ways of keeping records for physicians vs hospitals. It would make sense...

Week 2

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Week 2 Summary

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Excerpt from file: InthisweeksreadingIhavelearnedthereismuchmoretotheuseofEHRthanIoriginallythought. Mostofthediscussionsthisweekwerearoundpatientaccessandtherisksofthemaddingtotheir ownmedicalrecords.Icanseebothbenefitsandrisksinallowingthistohappen.Manytimes

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