Topic6 DQ2 midrange theory of comfort the impact on my individual practice

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The Evolution of the nursing profession and discipline NURS 502 Topic 6 DQ2 Choose one of the middle-range theories. What impact would this theory most likely have on your individual practice? Give specific examples. My middle range theory continues with the comfort theory by Katharine Kolcaba. Kolcaba's theory has impacted my individual practice when caring for my patients considering I assess their comfort level as a whole, by evaluating the mind, body, and spiritual needs. Moreover, based on what need is assessed at this time is how I plan my interventions whether it is providing pain relief, or comfort measures such as providing hope and strength for the patient and family members in times of grief and sorrow, or just listening to the patient express themselves without talking or...

Topic6 DQ2

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Topic6 DQ2 midrange theory of comfort the impact on my individual practice

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Excerpt from file: TheEvolutionofthenursingprofessionanddiscipline NURS502Topic6DQ2 Chooseoneofthemiddlerangetheories.Whatimpactwouldthistheorymostlikelyhaveon yourindividualpractice?Givespecificexamples. MymiddlerangetheorycontinueswiththecomforttheorybyKatharineKolcaba.

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