ENGL-135 Information Literacy Assignment Week 2

ENGL-135 Information Literacy Assignment Week 2

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The points in the peer review cycle that seem especially important to me are having a subject that may have a new idea or approach on that particular subject matter. Someone does not need to write about the same thing that is already written. The subject should be written in a different perspective that injects new thoughts and ideas about the subject being researched. Another important step is the submittal of research findings to a journal. This step is the first one of many that address someones research for validity, clarity and accuracy. This is the step that will determine if your research paper will get sent to the peer reviewers. In the peer review step, the research paper conclusions are valid and that the information is a contribution to its related field. An editor...


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ENGL-135  Information Literacy Assignment  Week 2

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Excerpt from file: Thepoints inthepeerreviewcyclethatseemespeciallyimportanttomearehavinga subjectthatmayhaveanewideaorapproachonthatparticularsubjectmatter.Someonedoes notneedtowriteaboutthesamethingthatisalreadywritten.Thesubjectshouldbewrittenina differentperspectivethatinjectsnewthoughts

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