ENGL-112 Week 5 Topic Proposal and Summary

ENGL-112 Week 5 Topic Proposal and Summary

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Week 5 Topic Proposal and Summary

This weeks goal is to begin collecting information and planning for the final Commentary essay by reading, thinking, and engaging with your topic. As you determine your topic, youll want to be sure its viable by understanding the perspectives within it and determining what unique angle you can offer to the conversation. Under each prompt or question below, provide detailed information about your topic. 1. What is your chosen topic, and how did you come across it? Why is it interesting to you? What do you personally hope to gain or accomplish by writing about this topic? In this section, define your topic and explain where you first heard about it (i.e. local newspaper, website, etc.). Reflect on how or why your background, motivations, needs,...


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ENGL-112 Week 5 Topic Proposal and Summary

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Excerpt from file: Week5TopicProposalandSummary ThisweeksgoalistobegincollectinginformationandplanningforthefinalCommentaryessay byreading,thinking,andengagingwithyourtopic.Asyoudetermineyourtopic,youllwantto besureitsviablebyunderstandingtheperspectiveswithinitanddeterminingwhatuniqueangle you can offer to the

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