VARK Analysis Paper

VARK Analysis Paper

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VARK Analysis Paper Name Grand Canyon University: NRS-429VN

VARK Analysis Essay The VARK assessment provides insights into ones personal learning style and preferences. VARK highlights four modalities for learning: Visual, Aural, Reading/writing and Kinesthetic. In addition to the four primary modalities, VARK recognizes that many people, including this author, prefer some combination of these four modes of learning. These learners are said to be Multimodal. As a multimodal learner, some combination of the four primary VARK strategies may need to be employed in order for the learner to ingest the information and gain understanding. Within the multimodal style, VARK identifies two subgroups: those who are flexible and can learn in the mode most consistent with...

VARK Analysis

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VARK Analysis Paper

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:VARKAnalysisPaper 1 VARKAnalysisPaper Name GrandCanyonUniversity:NRS429VN Runninghead:VARKAnalysisPaper 2 VARKAnalysisEssay TheVARKassessmentprovidesinsightsintoonespersonallearningstyleand preferences.VARKhighlightsfourmodalitiesforlearning:Visual,Aural,Reading/writingand

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