Project 2 Outline (Cousin Edgar)

Project 2 Outline (Cousin Edgar)

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ECON545 Project 2: Macroeconomic Analysis Outline Name: Karly Derosena Professor: GregoryGotches Date: 7 August 2016

Introduction Gross Domestic Product Business Cycle Unemployment Inflation International Trade and Demographics Fiscal Policy Monetary Policy Recommendations Reference

Introduction My Cousin Edgar is considering opening a chain of gasoline stations. He projects this will be a lucrative investment since over the last several years fuel prices have steadily increased. Cousin Edgar believes people have come to accept the high gas prices and will continue to purchase. Gross Domestic Product The income approach of calculating GDP is adding up total compensation to employees, gross profits for incorporated and non-incorporated firms, and...

Project 2

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Project 2 Outline (Cousin Edgar)

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Excerpt from file: Project2:MacroeconomicAnalysisOutline1 ECON545 Project2:MacroeconomicAnalysisOutline Name:KarlyDerosena Professor:GregoryGotches Date:7August2016 ...

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