PSYCH 660 Culture Neutral Assessment Presentation

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PSYCH 660 Culture Neutral Assessment Presentation

Develop an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes on the selection process of a culture-neutral assessment. Include examples of when culture-biased assessments have been problematic.

Develop a role-play for a commitment hearing that illustrates the consequences of not following the selection process. Make sure a team member represents the psychologist, the client advocate, and other roles as necessary.

Submit a transcript of the role-play along with your presentation.

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PSYCH 660 Culture Neutral Assessment Presentation

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Excerpt from file: Culture Neutral Assessment Presentation PSYCH 660 Agenda What Are Cultural Neutral Assessments Used For Selection Process of Cultural Neutral Assessments Provide Examples of Cultural Neutral Assessment How Ethical Are Cultural Neutral Assessments Cultural Biased Assessments Verbal

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