HIS 206 Week 5 Discussion 3 - Week Five Open Forum

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Discussion 3 Week Five Open Forum What struck me in particular this week was the rise of conservatism in the last part of the 20th century. I would have never thought the American people had resented change as much as they seem to have. While researching for my final project many significant changes had happened before the late 20 the century and yet the American people were still supporting conservatism. I know and understand that there were a few reasons for the rise but it still surprised me a little. This week and throughout this course I have had many insights. I have learned many positives and negatives about the United States of America. My main insight this week was how significant women gaining rights truly was for women today. Being a women my life would be completely...

HIS 206

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HIS 206 Week 5 Discussion 3 - Week Five Open Forum

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Excerpt from file: Discussion3WeekFiveOpenForum Whatstruckmeinparticularthisweekwastheriseofconservatisminthelastpartofthe 20thcentury.IwouldhaveneverthoughttheAmericanpeoplehadresentedchangeasmuchas theyseemtohave.Whileresearchingformyfinalprojectmanysignificantchangeshad

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