IT Planning at Modmeters

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IT Planning at Modmeters (3 Pages 949 Words)


This paper discusses the various aspects of IT planning at Modmeters Company which has two strategies of expanding globally and providing direct-to-customer sales. The role of IT is important in the expansion initiatives of Modmeters. The executives of various departments held a meeting to identify the budget requirements for the expansion. The plan is to establish new plants in Asia and Eastern Europe where the infrastructure facilities are not sufficient required for the operations at Modemeters. Brian Smith, CIO of Modmeters is worried about these two initiatives as the IT funding was very poor. The company has never invested in reengineering the existing systems, instead, they always introduced new systems on top...

IT Planning

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IT Planning at Modmeters

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Excerpt from file: ITPlanningatModmeters (3Pages949Words) Introduction ThispaperdiscussesthevariousaspectsofITplanningatModmetersCompanywhich hastwostrategiesofexpandinggloballyandprovidingdirecttocustomersales.Therole ofITisimportantintheexpansioninitiativesofModmeters.Theexecutivesofvarious

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