Famous Films Inc Assignment 1

Famous Films Inc Assignment 1

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Famous Films Inc Assignment 1 Athabasca University HRMT 386 (4 Pages 1390 Words)

Famous Films Inc. will be hiring 20 university students into various departments to work from June 1st, 2011 until the university contract end date of August 31, 2011. These interns will be hired into Temporary Full Time assignments and interviews will begin on April 3, 2011 at the Famous Films Inc job fair. This will be the first time where front line managers and department supervisors will be conducting the recruitment and selection portion of the hiring process so it is important to outline the legal obligations that we have to our new hires and the interviewing process. Recruitment and Selection Techniques What You Can and Can Not Ask The Alberta Human Rights Act prohibits employers...

Famous Films

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Famous Films Inc Assignment 1

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Excerpt from file: FamousFilmsIncAssignment1 AthabascaUniversity HRMT386 (4Pages1390Words) FamousFilmsInc.willbehiring20universitystudentsintovariousdepartmentstowork fromJune1st,2011untiltheuniversitycontractenddateofAugust31,2011.These internswillbehiredintoTemporaryFullTimeassignmentsandinterviewswillbeginon...

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