Art 101 Compare

Art 101 Compare

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Art 101 Compare & Contrast Essay (1 Pages 323 Words)

In this essay I will compare and contrast two paintings. The first is Grainstack (Sunset) painted by Claude Monet in 1891. The second being Marilyn Monroe painted by Andy Warhol in 1967. When Monet painted Grainstack, he was experimenting with perceptual color. The idea of the Impressionist movement was to objectively record nature as it was seen by the painter, focusing on the effects of color and light. He painted Grainstack the way he saw it; not the actual color that we know it was, but the colors that the sunset made it appear. When Warhol painted Marilyn Monroe he used non-representational color. Non-representational color is color that is not represented realistically. He used bright...

Art 101

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Art 101 Compare

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