ENGL 1102

ENGL 1102

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ENGL 1102 Biafrans (3 Pages 1035 Words)

A chapter a day keeps ignorance away my father invoked this saying onto my siblings and i. In his home office surrounding by books is where my father finds ease. A religious member to the Igbo union, my parents instilled our Naija (an abbreviation for Nigeria) culture in my siblings and me from a young age, which I wasnt ashamed of. Taking pride in my culture was important to our family. Knowing historical information to other bordering cultures in Nigeria was a must with them. My father has always been whom I turn to when my heritage was questioned. The main objective of this interview is to learn from an inside perspective of Nigerias subliminal tension between bordering cultures, and not Nigeria itself. Being...

ENGL 1102

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ENGL 1102

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Excerpt from file: ENGL1102Biafrans (3Pages1035Words) Achapteradaykeepsignoranceawaymyfatherinvokedthissayingontomysiblings andi.Inhishomeofficesurroundingbybooksiswheremyfatherfindsease.Areligious membertotheIgbounion,myparentsinstilledourNaija(anabbreviationforNigeria)

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