ENG 315

ENG 315

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ENG 315 Justification Report Improving Customer ServiceProfessional Communications (6 Pages 2116 Words)

Executive Summary

Our company ranks at the bottom of the list for Customer Satisfaction by ACSI. ACSI stands for the American Customer Satisfaction Index. We need to provide better customer service to our customers and repair our reputation. Problem Statement Two possible solutions would be to eliminate outsourcing completely and creating a Loss Prevention team. Outsourcing to other countries hurt the quality of service that we provide. Many of our customers become frustrated over the language barrier. The lack of understanding of the issues or problem that the customer has which generates another call back. Each time a customer calls back it cost the company...

ENG 315

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ENG 315

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Excerpt from file: ENG315JustificationReportImproving CustomerServiceProfessionalCommunications (6Pages2116Words) ExecutiveSummary OurcompanyranksatthebottomofthelistforCustomerSatisfactionbyACSI.ACSI standsfortheAmericanCustomerSatisfactionIndex.Weneedtoprovidebetter

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