Information on Visual Processing PSYCH 640

Information on Visual Processing PSYCH 640

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Information on Visual Processing PSYCH 640 (7 Pages Words)

Information on Visual Processing Information

As the human interacts with his or her environment, the different senses take in increased volumes of information that the brain translates and records. The way an individual learns from the environment and the way he or she interacts with this in the future are influenced through what is referred to as visual data, (Anderson, 2010). Everyone would like to have knowledge on how one learns or how to improve a learning experience; there needs to be some knowledge about how ns individual perceives, retains, and deciphers information. There are several components included in the visual information processing; these components consist of the memory search, stimulus...

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Information on Visual Processing PSYCH 640

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Excerpt from file: InformationonVisualProcessingPSYCH640 (7PagesWords) InformationonVisualProcessingInformation Asthehumaninteractswithhisorherenvironment,thedifferentsensestakein increasedvolumesofinformationthatthebraintranslatesandrecords.Thewayan

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