IGC 500 Student Wellness Inventory

IGC 500 Student Wellness Inventory

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Wellness Inventory of Student Effectiveness The Wellness Inventory of Student Effectiveness (WISE) is a self-assessment tool that enables students to identify coping behaviors and personality traits related to success in college. By assessing your needs and abilities within each dimension, you can work to optimize qualities that result in academic achievement.
Take a few moments to complete each dimension listed in the table below. Provide a description of your needs and abilities in each area within each box of the table. Use complete sentences to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential coping strategies.

IGC 500

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IGC 500 Student Wellness Inventory

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Excerpt from file: WellnessInventoryofStudentEffectiveness TheWellnessInventoryofStudentEffectiveness(WISE)isaselfassessmenttoolthatenablesstudents toidentifycopingbehaviorsandpersonalitytraitsrelatedtosuccessincollege.Byassessingyourneeds

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