IGC 500 Student Resources List

IGC 500 Student Resources List

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Student Resources List As you are introduced to the various course and campus resources available to students enrolled at Grand Canyon University, complete this student resource list. When finished, you can print a hardcopy of this document or save it onto your computer as a quick reference guide in case you ever need to access these student services.

I am a student in the College of _Professional Counseling at Grand Canyon University. Provide the Name, E-mail Address, and Phone Number of the Following Contacts in the Space Provided College Contact: Julia Babler @ Student Success Advisor: Ciarra Walker @ Provide the E-mail Address and Phone Number for the Following Departments: GCU Library/Librarian:


IGC 500

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IGC 500 Student Resources List

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Excerpt from file: StudentResourcesList Asyouareintroducedtothevariouscourseandcampusresourcesavailableto studentsenrolledatGrandCanyonUniversity,completethisstudentresourcelist. Whenfinished,youcanprintahardcopyofthisdocumentorsaveitontoyourcomputer

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