Beethovens Ninth Symphony

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        Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

    It has been called the greatest audio entity one 

could ever listen to; a song which can pierce the soul of even the most dedicated music-hater: Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Not only has it been designated thus; also, as one of the few truly divinely inspired works, one which most men can only marvel at, as they wallow in their appropriate humility. These creations, however, are definitely not the only aspects of entities beyond the scopes of men; there are far more examples, which are seen every day, but often overlooked.
I was walking outside, with this song echoing in the recesses of my mind, on a dismal, overcast day in the Autumnal quarter, a day when where the streets blended with the...

Beethovens Ninth

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Beethovens Ninth Symphony

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Excerpt from file: Beethoven'sNinthSymphony Ithasbeencalledthegreatestaudioentityone couldeverlistento;asongwhichcanpiercethesoulof eventhemostdedicatedmusichater:Beethoven'sNinth Symphony.Notonlyhasitbeendesignatedthus;also,as oneofthefewtrulydivinelyinspiredworks,onewhichmost

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