6 Information Literacy Quiz Verification Document wright

6 Information Literacy Quiz Verification Document wright

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UNV-103: Topic 6 Information Literacy Pre-Assessment Quiz Verification Document Directions: After completing the Information Literacy Pre-Assessment Quiz, please fill in the following information, save the document and then submit to the assignment drop box. In completing this document and participating in the quiz, you will receive credit for the assignment. Please fill in the following: Student Name: David Wright Date of Completing the Quiz: 02/06/16

6 Information

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 6 Information Literacy Quiz Verification Document wright

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Excerpt from file: UNV103:Topic6 InformationLiteracyPreAssessmentQuizVerificationDocument Directions: AftercompletingtheInformationLiteracyPreAssessmentQuiz,pleasefillinthe followinginformation,savethedocumentandthensubmittotheassignmentdrop box.Incompletingthisdocumentandparticipatinginthequiz,youwillreceive

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