Greek and Roman

Greek and Roman

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Greek and Roman Anna Van Norton ART/101 01-29-13 Theresa Biagiarelli

Greek architecture had such extreme and beautiful temples that were used to worship the Greek Gods. Roman architecture worshiped the Roman gods, their gods and their place of worship were very important to them. Even though the Roman worships their gods it was the place of social gathering that were the most beautiful.

The main style for Greek architecture was Ionic and Doric. Ionic and Doric style was very different because the Doric style was more formal while the Ionic style was more decorative. Greek architecture used to be made from wood and mud before the 7th century, while the building that are well known by many today are made from limestone. ...

Greek and

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Greek and Roman

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Excerpt from file: Greek and Roman Architecture GreekandRoman AnnaVanNorton ART/101 012913 TheresaBiagiarelli 1 Greek and Roman Architecture 2 Greekarchitecturehadsuchextremeandbeautifultemplesthatwereusedtoworshipthe GreekGods.RomanarchitectureworshipedtheRomangods,theirgodsandtheirplaceof...

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