ENG 106 Module 4 DQ 1

ENG 106 Module 4 DQ 1

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ENG 106 Module 4 DQ 1

Topic: Causal Arguments: Invention and Research

As you have learned in the lectures in Topics 1 and 4, a causal claim argues that one thing leads to another (e.g., “Increasing levels of acidity in sea water are harming the oceans’ coral reefs.”). A causal chain links causal claims together as links in a chain. There is an excellent example of how to use direct explanation in the creation of a causal chain on page 262 in your textbook.

Summarize the causal chain used by the writer in the article from The New York Times. Was the argument persuasive? Why or why not?

What has caused the growth of selling human organs, a concept unthinkable 100 years ago? What has caused the growth of selling human organs on the black market?

What are the causes you will write about in your draft?

ENG 106

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ENG 106 Module 4 DQ 1

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